Mathematics Common Core Study Guide Preview

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Why is this Happening?...(Chapter 2, pages 5-8)

A succinct account of the events leading to the development, publication, and adoption of the new Common Core Content Standards.

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Standards for Mathematical Practice – SMPs... (Chapter 4, pages 26-27)

A two page presentation of 8 practices that educators at all levels should seek to develop in their students.

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A Glimpse of the Content Standards – Grade 6 Example... (Chapter 4, pages 54-58)

A section for each grade level or course begins with a 1-2 page Introduction and Overview followed by the presentation of the standards organized by Domain and Cluster.

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A Glimpse of Standards Organized Across Grades by Domain... (Chapter 5, pages 142-143 and 153-154)

Previews of how these standards grow, based on a progression of understanding from grade to grade, overtime within a Domain.

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A Preview of One of our Study Tasks...(Chapter 3, pages 9-11 and 16-17)

Previews of our list of Study Tasks (page 9) and directions and intended outcomes for two of our tasks.

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