ELA Common Core Study Guide Preview

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Why is this Happening?...(Chapter 2 - pages 5-9)

A succinct account of the events leading to the development, publication, and adoption of the new Common Core Content Standards.

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College and Career Readiness Standards…(Chapter 2 - pages 10-11 side-by-side)

A 2 page or 11 x 17 inch presentation of the College and Career Readiness Standards, that standards that anchor and form the architecture for the K-12 Common Core ELA standards.

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The Architecture of the K-12 Common Core ELA Standards…(Chapter 2 - page 12)

A one-page depiction of the common structure of the K-12 Common Core ELA standards, highlighting the domains and strands within each domain.

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5th Grade, 1997 and 2010 Coded Comparisons…(Chapter 3 - pages 60-61, 62-63, 64-65, 66-67)

Side by side comparisons of California’s 1997 ELA standards and California’s new 2010 ELA standards systematically coded to facilitate the study of standards that are the same, similar but more rigorous, and new.

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Step-Ladder, Reading Standards 1 and 2…(Chapter 4 - pages 116-117 )

One and two page presentations of each ELA standard formatted so as to facilitate the study of grade by grade progressions—the Step-Ladder—for each standard, from Kindergarten through grades 11-12 and the College and Career Readiness standard.

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Implication Coding…(Chapter 5 - pages 162-163)

Coding scheme, worksheet, and also directions for engaging staff in identifying the instructional implications of these new standards: Which standards are we currently addressing, and which will require refinements and changes in our curriculum and teaching?

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