Friends of the Talking Teaching Network

Fourth Annual Invitational Conference

Embassy Suites at Mandalay Bay
July 14-15, 2014

Theme: Hearts, Minds, and Dreams

The content for this summer’s Conference is intended to connect our work to and initiate explicit discussions around a central question:

How do you successfully make this transition to more rigorous standards and keep everyone’s spirits up so that their efforts to change and improve contribute to and sustain their joy in the work and their love and respect for children and youth?  

We’ll focus on this question explicitly in topic 1 and explore each of topics 2-4 and their relationship to the transition to Common Core and the central question about positive school climate.

1)             Tips for and discussions around cultivating and sustaining a positive—Thriving—school climate.

2)             Sharing and discussing work and products emerging from TTN Districts (6 ELA Focus Areas).

3)             Reading and listening to student work to gauge depth of understanding.

4)             Studies of Community College students and applications to K-12 Common Core math.



Monday, July 14th
10:00Welcome, Agenda, Logistics and Conference Theme and Question
11:00Studies of Community College Students and K-12 Common Core Math
2:00A Thriving School Climate: The Do’s and Don’ts
4:00Adjourn and Room Check-In
5:30Embassy Suites Sponsored Happy Hour—Surf Room
Tuesday, July 15th
7:00Complimentary Breakfast for Hotel Guests — Surf Room
8:30Emerging Work: 6 ELA Focus Areas
10:00Analyzing Student Work: Depth of Understanding
12:30Analyzing Student Work: Progressions from Grade-to-Grade
2:00Close Down and Wrap-Up

Conference Preparation

Pre-Conference Homework:

Please read and bring with you copies of the following articles (sent via email):

1)  Outline of  “What Community College Developmental Math Students Understand about Mathematics.” 

2) “What Community College Developmental Math Students Understand about Mathematics.” 

3) “What Community College Developmental Math Students…Part 2: The Interviews.” 


Please also bring with you:

1) ELA Common Core Study Guide

2) Math Common Core Study Guide

Study Guides will be provided to those who have not previously received one at a prior conference or within their school district.

We are Dedicated to the Study and Refinement of Teaching and Learning.