ELA Common Core Study Sessions

This page is intended for schools, districts, and other organizations using the Talking Teaching ELA Common Core Study Guide as part of a series of professional development sessions designed to provide teachers and administrators with the opportunity to read, discuss, and study California’s Common Core ELA Standards.

Developed in conjunction with Talking Teaching Network school districts, the series of study sessions allows participants to study why Common Core is happening (Chapter 2; Session 1), compare California’s 1997 and 2010 Common Core ELA standards (Chapter 3; Sessions 2 and 3), examine K-12 Step-Ladder versions of the ELA Common Core standards (Chapter 4; Sessions 4 and 5), and analyze the ELA Common Core standards for implications (Chapter 5; Sessions 6 and 7).

A downloadable file is available for each Study Session listed below as a .doc file or .pdf file. 
The file for each session contains an agenda for the 50-60 minute session, 
notes for facilitators leading the session, and handouts to be duplicated for the session. 

Select a .doc or .pdf link below to download:

  • Study Session 1:   Overview — Why is this happening?     .doc    .pdf
  • Study Session 2:   Comparing 1997 and 2010 Standards — Reading and Speaking/Listening     .doc    .pdf
  • Study Session 3:   Comparing 1997 and 2010 Standards—Writing and Language     .doc    .pdf
  • Study Session 4:   Analyzing via Jigsaw Step-Ladder Versions of the Standards     .doc    .pdf
  • Study Session 5:   Sharing Analysis of Step-Ladder Versions of the Standards     .doc    .pdf

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