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Introduction - Talking Teaching Network


About Us

The Founders of the Talking Teaching Network have a distinguished background in “hands-on” educational research and development.  We are currently fully engaged with seven school districts in Southern California – and developing relationships with other districts, research organizations and foundations as part of an operational network committed to a thoughtful and productive transition to the Common Core Standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve student learning by helping educators advance their professional and practical knowledge and expertise, by engaging in substantive study, discussion, and research and development. We do this for the academic enrichment of the educators and the academic enrichment of those they teach… helping teachers help their students.

Our Network

We partner with schools and school districts to figure out meaningful solutions to important practical issues affecting educators, today. We help them discuss, discover, and understand the tasks at hand, and how to realistically implement change into their daily routines – thereby creating a method for improving teaching and student learning.

Current Focus

Our current focus includes analysis of the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics – the major national reforms and mandates intended to influence what and how teachers teach.

Our goal is to put uncertainty and rhetoric aside, and help educators truly understand and undertake these initiatives, working with them to develop viable products and practices they can effectively and successfully implement into their own curriculums and programs.

Collaborative Products

Many of the tools designed to support initiatives like the Common Core are typically developed by commercial publishers, professional developers or educational organizations that virtually never utilize rigorous research or collaboration with practicing teachers and administrators in “real world” schools and classrooms.

Therefore, the products and practices derived from our work (the work of our network) will be made available to educators throughout California – in the form of Study Guides, Curriculum Maps, Instructional Approaches, Assessment Analytics & Protocols that will be of true, practical benefit to schools, teachers, and the students they teach.


As a non-profit, public benefit corporation, we want to make these tools available for free or at minimal cost to the educators that need them. Support from private donations, research grants, grants from foundations, and agreements with other entities assist us in this cause.

We are Dedicated to the Study and Refinement of Teaching and Learning.